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Memories Digitization Lab

Come to the Memories Digitization Lab on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM in Jackie’s Room and preserve your precious memories on digital format!

Please Note: The Library is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property, including digital and/or irreplaceable property.

What is Memories Digitization Lab?

Memories Digitization Lab is a place where you can learn to use various digitization tools at your own pace with the help of knowledgeable library staff member and/or volunteers.

What kind of formats can I digitize? What kind of storage should I bring?

Formats Storage (Patron provided)
– Music CDs
– Audio cassette
– Vinyl records
– Photos/slides/negative
– USB flash drive
– External hard drive
– SD card
– Micro SD

For transferring video formats, at least 4GB for every 1 hour of video is recommended.

Can I drop off the items I want digitized and come back in a few hours or the following week?

No, patrons are responsible for handling their personal items. The staff and volunteers will guide patrons in using the digitizing tools but will refrain from touching or handling personal items

Will I be able to checkout any of the digitizing tools with my library card?

Yes, all the digitizing tools that we have in Memories Digitization Lab are also available for checkout at the Library of Things in the Media Room. Please note that most of the items do require downloading software to your personal computers and we can help explain the process at the Lab.

Do I need to make a reservation to use the Lab?

No reservations required! The Lab, however, is first come, first served. If you plan on converting VHS to digital, we recommend coming in at the start of the Lab since the process will take as long as the footage

If you have any questions about Memories Digitization Lab, please come to the Reference Desk or email Annette Diola, reference librarian, at