Furoshiki: Wrapping with Textiles: Saturday, December 3 at 10 AM.


Introduction to the Japanese Art of
Gift Wrapping with Textiles

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Limited to 25 participants.


Discover the art of gift-wrapping and accessorizing using furoshiki – Japanese wrapping cloths. Join multi-talented international artist Nefertiti San Miguel from Etnia Fusion (Boston) to learn this singular technique just in time for the beginning of the holiday season.

Each participant will use existing materials already available around the house demonstrating the concept of mottainai (expression of regret for wastefulness) by upcycling leftover fabrics. Spark your creativity by gracefully swathing items of different sizes (small and medium) in ordinary and unique shapes, such as hexagon boxes, glass bottles, books, picture frames and more. Master the presentation of elegantly-wrapped gifts for any occasion and amaze your loved ones with the artistic form and function of one magical square of cloth. Short demonstration video. 



  • Nefertiti will teach master-class style while also tailoring the presentation around the materials each attendee has on hand.
  • Prior to the event, participants should gather an assortment of fabrics and different small- and medium-sized items and shapes to be wrapped. (see details below)
  • No prior experience is necessary.


  • Square pieces of fabric (make sure material is not too thick or stiff)
  • Bandana
  • Square scarf (medium-thickness)
  • Rubber bands
  • Measuring tape


  • Ribbons
  • Greeting cards (varying sizes)
  • Small, clip-on seasonal decorations
  • Tassels
  • Chopsticks 


  • Books
  • Boxes of any shape
  • Picture frames
  • 1 large glass bottle
  • 2 matching aluminum cans or small glass bottles 
  • Any size / shape gift you wish to wrap


Sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries. 

Presented by: Nefertiti San Miguel