At the Library

Sustainable in the Suburbs

Four Thursdays, 6:30 PM at Hills Branch Library, 210 Washington St. 
The suburbs often get a bad rap for being outposts of unsustainability, but there’s good news: it is possible to practice sustainable living, even if you happen to live in the ‘burbs.  The 2018 Hills Hearthside Lecture Series, sponsored by the Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries, will explore four ways that suburban dwellers can transform their household as well as make their community a better place.

January 18: The Importance of Eating Locally and Seasonally
Wellesley Farmers’ Market partner and Farmers To You’s founder Greg Georgaklis will speak about the importance of eating locally and seasonally from a health, environmental, and economic perspective.

February 15: Reducing Food Waste is Easy & Important
Hear from Jeff Azano-Brown, Superintendent of the Recycling and Disposal Facility in Wellesley, about the new food waste drop-off pilot program at the RDF.  Wellesley’s 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) Working Group has initiated this project to rescue surplus food and reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfills. Wellesley resident Deborah Brown will also be on hand to offer her perspective as a participant in the food waste drop-off pilot program.

March 15: Grow Your Own!
Meet John Spencer, long time Wellesley resident and coordinator of the Wellesley Farmers’ Market. John grows everything from artichokes, which he starts in his basement in the winter, to hops for brewing at the Weston Road Community Gardens in Wellesley.  Come to learn more about the gardens and how all can start growing locally. John will also touch on the broader efforts in Wellesley to develop a true local and sustainable food web

April 19: Backyard Chicken Coop
The surging interest in local and organic foods has contributed to the trend of chicken coops in suburban backyards. Hens are mostly friendly and easy to care for, they can be surprisingly beautiful —  and what other pet actually produces breakfast? If you’re ready to learn about bringing some farm yard into your backyard, come hear Kristin Taft share her experience and tips for successfully keeping laying hens.