Mission & Values

Mission & Values

The WFL Mission Statement

The mission of the Wellesley Free Library is to serve as a community gathering place, a cultural destination and a gateway to ideas for residents of all ages and interests.  Through comprehensive collections and innovative spaces, technologies and programs, the Wellesley Free Library provides free and convenient access to information both within and beyond our walls.

Our Vision

The vision of the Wellesley Free Library is to become the cultural, intellectual, and virtual crossroads of the community, to provide exceptional library services, to make connections, and to be a leader among public libraries.

Our Values

At the Wellesley  Free Library we value…

  • Our Patrons…we strive to deliver our services in a welcoming and responsive manner.
  • Our Employees...their myriad contributions make the Library a superior institution.
  • Our Supporting Organizations…their generous gifts provide enhancements that enrich the experience of every Library patron.
  • Excellence…we encourage Staff, Trustees and Volunteers to be creative, innovative, and strive for excellence.
  • The shared responsibility…of Staff, Trustees and Volunteers who are all essential participants in fulfilling our mission.
  • The needs of the community…which drive our services and collections.
  • A sense of community and fellowship…by ensuring that the Library is a gathering place that supports collaborative enquiry, diversity and enrichment through programs and offerings for all ages.
  • An informed and literate citizenry…we actively promote our services, programs and the use of our collections to foster access to information, a critical role in a democratic society.
  • Collaboration…with other Town organizations and institutions.
  • Intellectual freedom…we promote and defend intellectual freedom and we acquire materials that represent the widest diversity of views and expressions.
  • Ethical and fiscally responsible stewardship…of all public and private resources.

Updated 12/12/16