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Continue Learning Choregraphe with Lava and Sky!



Now that Lava and Sky have settled into their new home, they’re ready for a new series of Step by Step classes, booting up this January!  Step by Step classes will expand your programming skills using Choregraphe, the easy to learn drag-and-drop software that programs the NAO robots.

The Step By Step series is a rotation of six classes ranging from basic Introduction to Choregraphe through learning how to program more complex movements, adding special effects like music and LED lights, and even making the robots walk!  Once you have taken Introduction to Choregraphe, the Step by Step classes do not have to be taken in any particular order.

For the most recent menu of robot demonstrations and classes, click here.  To register for classes, visit our technology calendar at

Join the Robot Dance Contest! This six-week series offers programmers ages 8-13 a chance to go through all six of the Step By Step classes to create a synchronized music and dance program for the robots to perform.  At the end of the series, the best dance (judged by an impartial panel) wins a prize!  This six-week series repeats three times; please register for one series only and commit to attending all six classes. Register at



If you want to test out your Choregraphe program on a NAO robot, Robot Lab by Appointment is for you! Contact the library at to set up a one-on-one 45 minute appointment with a librarian — and a robot– to test and troubleshoot your program. Request appointments starting Monday, January 9th.

Another way to get answers to Choregraphe questions is to stop by Choregraphe Help at Open Lab (drop by on Mondays, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM, no appointment needed) in Jackie’s Room. Please note that Lava and Sky will not be available during that hour.

The robots are possible through a generous grant from the Wellesley Free Library Foundation with funds raised at the 2016 Gala. #privatesupportmatters

Programming with Choregraphe

Learning Resources

Mila Pantelides-Sola wrote a program for our NAO robots, and she’s only in second grade!  In her program, the robot waits until its head is patted to tell a knock-knock joke. Then it listens for your response. If you play along and ask “who’s there,” it will finish the joke and ask if you want to play again. If you do not play along, it won’t hide the fact that it can’t believe you don’t know how knock-knock jokes work!  The program loops through this sequence until you say you don’t want to play anymore. When you’re done, the robot thanks you for spending time with it.

Lava and Sky in the News!


The Adventures of Lava and Sky!


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