The World Remade

An indispeWorld Remadensable, sharply drawn account of America’s pivotal-and still controversial-intervention in World War I, enlivened by fresh insights into the key issues, events, and personalities of the period.

In his previous book A World Undone: the Story of the Great War, 1914-1918 Meyer focused on Europe. In this companion book the focus is on America’s role, with the focus squarely on President Woodrow Wilson.  Meyer examines how America entered the war, how the war was carried out, and the political and social changes the war brought about. Of course the failed peace of Versailles.

The narrative style brings characters to life including William Jennings Bryan, Edward (the Colonel) House, and General John Black Jack Pershing. Meyer includes many interesting insights into these important individuals as well as others.

The story of America’s emergence as a global power.