Summer Schedule (July 1st – September 1st)
Main Branch – Closed on Sundays; Hills & Fells Branches – Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays

Mission, Vision & Values

A bright and inviting photo of the second floor stacks and study tables.


Connecting our community to each other and to the world.


The vision of the Wellesley Free Library is to be the cultural and intellectual crossroads of the community.


At the Wellesley Free Library we value…

We SERVE as a community gathering place, cultural destination, and gateway to ideas.
We PLEDGE to be welcoming and responsive to our patrons.
We ENSURE a culture of belonging and build equity within the community.
We PROMOTE universal access to knowledge and ideas.
We INSPIRE lifelong learning.
We ENRICH our community through diverse programs and offerings for all ages.
We DEFEND intellectual freedom and user privacy.
We ACQUIRE materials responsive to community needs and desires.
We PRACTICE ethically and fiscally responsible stewardship of public and private resources.
We EMPOWER our employees to create a culture of curiosity, creativity, and innovation.
We INVEST in our employees’ professional development.
We COMMIT to excellence in our services, facilities, and collections.
We APPRECIATE our support organizations whose generous gifts provide enhancements for all patrons.
We COLLABORATE with other Town organizations and institutions.
We ENCOURAGE staff, Trustees, and volunteers to be fearless, flexible, and fun.

Updated 3/24/2023