Masks required for all individuals ages 5 and up inside the library or any other municipal buildings or offices.

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Study Rooms

Study rooms are not currently available as the main branch is closed during the renovation.

Room Rentals

The Wellesley Free Library has rooms available to rent for meetings, conferences and programs. Please call 781-235-1610, ext. 1100 for more information on rental costs, room use policies, and to book a room.

Policies: Meeting Room PolicySmall Conference Room Policy |  Musical Recital Policy | Study Room Policy

Wakelin Room – Main Library

When fully open and set up auditorium style, the Wakelin Room has a seating capacity of 185.  It also can be set up with tables and chairs.  The room has a built in projection and sound system, a podium, and a concert grand piano.   Internet access is available.  Enhanced listening devices for the hearing impaired are available upon request  Limited kitchen facilities are available for light refreshments.  The Wakelin Room can be divided into 2 rooms, (Wakelin Room 1 and Wakelin Room 2) each one having its own sound and projection system, wireless internet access, and access to the kitchen.

Wakelin Room

The larger part of the Wakelin Meeting room set auditorium style, has a seating capacity of 138.  Because of its flat floor it lends itself to a variety of seating plans. The room has a sound and projection system. The fixed seating section has a raked floor and 47 fixed seats.  It has its own sound and projection system.

Wakelin Room Non-Profit Pricing

Full room
Capacity 185
Fixed seating section only
Capacity 47
Cleaning fee if food is servedAdditional 30 minutes
Half-day: Morning 9am - 12pm$125$75$35$20/$10
Half-day: Afternoon 1pm - 4pm$125$75$35$20/$10
Evening: 6pm - 9pm$125$75$35$20/$10
All Day: 9am - 5pm$250$150$35$20/$10

Wakelin Room For-Profit Pricing

Full room
Capacity 185
Fixed seating section only
Capacity 47
Cleaning fee if food is servedAdditional 30 minutes (full/fixed)
Half-day: Morning 9am - 12pm$400$170$35$75/$35
Half-day: Afternoon 1pm - 4pm$400$170$35$75/$35
Evening: 6pm - 9pm$400$170$35$75/$35
All Day: 9am - 5pm$800$340$35$75/$35

Arnold Conference Room – Main Library

This room with its wonderful view of Wellesley Town Hall is designed for smaller meetings.  Its capacity is 25 and it can be set up with rows of chairs, or with tables.  It has a built in screen and wireless internet access.  (Projection equipment available upon request.)

 Non-ProfitFor ProfitCleaning fee if food is servedAdditional
NP/FP per hour
(if available)
Half-day: Morning 9am - 12pm$50$200$25$25 / $75
Half-day: Afternoon 1pm - 4pm$50$200$25$25 / $75
Evening: 6pm - 9:00pm$50$200$25$25 / $75
All Day: 9am - 5pm$100$400$25$25 / $75

Hills Branch Library

When the Hills Branch Library is not in use it may be rented by groups and organizations sponsoring civic, cultural and educational meetings.  It may not be booked by an individual for a private event with the exception of a music recital.  (No piano on premises.)

Total Capacity 50
NON-PROFIT FOR-PROFIT Cleaning fee if food is servedAdditional 30 minutes NP/FP
Half-day: Morning 9am - 12pm$200$400$35$25/$50
Half-day: Afternoon 1pm - 5pm$200$400$35$25/$50
Evening: 6pm - 9:00pm$200$400$35$25/$50
All Day: 9am - 5pm$400$800$35$25/$50

Jackie’s Room — The Computer Training Room – Main Library

Jackie’s Room was designed as a place to teach basic computer skills in a classroom setting.  It has 12 Windows 10 workstations, a networked color printer, a built in LCD projector and a workstation for a trainer.  The PCs have Microsoft Office 2016 and Photoshop Elements 15 installed, plus all the standard browsers for Internet access.  MacBooks and Ipads are also available. This room can be rented for a half or full day when no classes have been scheduled.