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Book Sales


2024-2025 Book Sales:

Oct 24th – 27th, 2024  and  May 1st – 4th, 2025  

Thursday: Member Shopping Night

Friday & Saturday: Public Sale 

Sunday: Public Bag Sale ($10/bag)


2024-2025 Donation Day Events:  

Sept 22nd & 23rd, 2024 and Feb 9th & 10th, 2025

Sunday 1-4 pm and Monday 9-11 am



Your used books are our lifeblood, and we know that you depend on us as well. The success of our book sales would not be possible without your donations. We are delighted to accept your books donations at the Bookshop located on the first floor just past the Welcome Desk whenever the Library is open. The rule of thumb: if you would pass it along to a friend, pass it along to the Friends! Your donations to the Friends are tax-deductible. Thank you in advance.

THE FRIENDS CAN ONLY ACCEPT gently used books in good condition. Adult and children’s books: fiction, non-fiction, biographies & memoirs, cookbooks, etc. Anything you like to read, others will too. We also accept antique and collectible books. We appreciate your cooperation. 

TEXTBOOKS – We now are accepting textbooks. If you have some textbooks that you are no longer using taking up more space than you’d like, the Friends are happy to take them off your hands. We are accepting textbooks on any subject. Unlike other books we accept, textbooks can have highlighting, underlining and notes in the margin but please, no ripped pages or broken spines. Drop them off at the Friends Bookshop in the main Library during regular hours.

THE FRIENDS CANNOT ACCEPT damaged books that are mildewed, stained, yellowed, or torn. No travel books published before 2019. No encyclopedias. We no longer accept cassettes, VHS tapes or records. However, the Wellesley’s RDF (Recycling & Disposal Facility) welcomes “non-pass-along” books and paperbacks. Paperbacks can be recycled in the mixed paper bins. Hardcover books in poor condition should go in trash containers. 



Here’s a note from one of our happy book sale customers:

To the Friends of Wellesley Free Library:
Hello: I feel compelled to write after having attended the recent book sale.  I am a Wellesley resident, and though I have been to your other sales, this one was spectacular.  Everything was very clean and well-organized.  I usually purchase a number of children’s books for my grandchildren but this year I could hardly carry them all away.  There were beautiful hardcover and paperback books, including some classics, that looked new.  Thank you so much for your excellent volunteer work both for the library and the community.  It is greatly appreciated.
S. J. D. Wellesley

If you would like to volunteer at one of our book sales, send an email to The Friends ( or sign up at Become a Volunteer.

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Ongoing Book Sales

Did you know about the Friends BookShop? 

Year-round a selection of specially chosen, gently-used books are available for sale on the first floor of the Main Library, next to the circulation desk. You’ll find we have something for book lovers of every genre and all ages. Titles include popular fiction, non-fiction, gardening, travel, art and children’s books.

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Guidelines for donating items

Items we accept:

  • Paperback Books - Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Hardcover Books - Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Children's Books

Items we no longer accept:

  • Cassette Music Tapes or Records (LPs and 45s)
  • Movie Video Tapes (VHS)
  • Encyclopedias
  • College Prep Workbooks or Study Guides prior to 2017
  • Magazines, including National Geographic

Want to Volunteer?

We love volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for a book sales event or for any other Friends event please fill out the form below and one of our members will follow up with you and provide more details. Thank you!

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