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Book Awards

Newbery Award 2024

Awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

Newbery Award Winner:

Cover of the Eyes & the Impossible, David Eggers: a dog running through the woods along a dirt path

The Eyes and the Impossible

Written by David Egger & illustrated by Shawn Harris


Newbery Honors:

“Elf Dog and Owl Head,” by M.T. Anderson
“Simon Sort of Says,” by Erin Bow
“MexiKid: A Graphic Memoir,” by Pedro Martin
“The Many Assassinations of Samir, the Seller of Dreams,” by Daniel Nayeri

“Eagle Drums,” by Nasuġraq Rainey Hopson

Caldecott Medal 2024

The Caldecott is awarded annually by the ALSC to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.

Caldecott Medal Winner:

Cover of 'Big' by Vashti Harrison: young girl in a pink tutu holding up the letter "I" in "big"


By Vashti Harrison

Caldecott Honors:

“In Every Life,” by Marla Frazee
“Jovita Wore Pants: The Story of a Mexican Freedom Fighter,” illustrated by Molly Mendoza and written by Aida Salazar
There Was a Party for Langston,” illustrated by Jerome Pumphrey and Jarrett Pumphrey, written by Jason Reynolds
“The Truth About Dragons,” illustrated by Hanna Cha, written by Julie Leung

Coretta Scott King Book Awards 2023

The Coretta Scott King Book Awards annually recognize outstanding books for young adults and children by African American authors and illustrators that reflect the African American experience.

Coretta Scott King Author Winner:

Cover of Nigeria Jones by Ibi Zoboi: a teen with long colorful hair sitting criss-cross and looking at the viewer behind the title.

Nigeria Jones

By Ibi Zoboi


Coretta Scott King Author Honors:

“Big,” written and illustrated by Vashti Harrison
“How Do You Spell Unfair?: MacNolia Cox and the National Spelling Bee, written by Carole Boston Weatherford,” illustrated by Frank Morrison
“Kin: Rooted in Hope,” written by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Jeffery Boston Weatherford

Coretta Scott King Illustrator Winner:

An American Story book cover, with Black hands sewing or repairing an American flag

An American Story

Written by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Dare Coulter

Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honors:

“Big,” written and illustrated by Vashti Harrison
“Holding Her Own: The Exceptional Life of Jackie Ormes,” illustrated by Shannon Wright, written by Traci N. Todd
“There Was a Party for Langston,” illustrated by Jerome Pumphrey and Jarret Pumphrey, written by Jason Reynolds

Pura Belpré Awards 2024

The Pura Belpré Award is presented annually to a Latinx writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.

Pura Belpré Youth Author & Illustrator Awards:

Cover of Mexikid, with an illustration of the main character (brown hair, blue shirt), a camper van, and side characters including his siblings, his grandfather, a deer, a donkey, and a guitar.

Mexikid: a Graphic Memoir

Written and illustrated by Pedro Martín


John Steptoe New Talent Author Award 2024

Cover of "There Goes the Neighborhood" by Jade Adia. Image description: collage of photos, with a girl with an afro and hoop earrings smiling, two boys (one smiling, one pensive), and 5 teens walking down a sidewalk in front of a street sign

There Goes the Neighborhood

Written by Jade Adia

Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal 2024

The Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal is awarded annually to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished informational book published in the United States in English during the preceding year.

Cover of "The Mona Lisa Vanishes," with title in red and blue covering a reproduction of the Mona Lisa's eyes and a drawing of a man hiding the Mona Lisa under his shirt

The Mona Lisa Vanishes

Written by Nicholas Day, illustrated by Brett Helquist

Robert F. Silbert Informational Book Medal Honorees:

“The Book of Turtles,” by Sy Montgomery
“Holding Her Own: The Exceptional Life of Jackie Ormes,” written by Traci N. Todd, illustrated by Shannon Wright
“Jumper: A Day in the Life of the Backyard Jumping Spider,” written and illustrated by Jessica Lanan
“Shipwrecked!: Diving for Hidden Time Capsules on the Ocean Floor,” written by Martin W. Sandler

Stonewall Children’s Book Awards 2024

The Stonewall book awards honor literature with exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience. The Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Award is the children’s and young adult arm of the Stonewall Book Awards.

Cover of "Cross My Heart and Never Lie," by Laura Dasnes. Image Description: illustration of girl wearing headphones, a backpack, and a sweatshirt, passing other kids in the background. A silver Stonewall Book Award medallion is on the right-hand side of the page.

Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Written by Nora Dåsnes

Cover of "Only This Beautiful Moment," by Abdi Nazeman. Image description: three men's/boys' faces facing in different directions, with plants illustrated around and between them



Only This Beautiful Moment

Written by Abdi Nazemian





Stonewall Children’s Book Award Honorees:

“Desert Queen” written by Jyoti Rajan Gopal, illustrated by Svabhu Kohli
“Not He or She, I’m Me” by A. M. Wild
“The Otherwoods” by Justine Pucella Winans
“Stars in Their Eyes” written by Jessica Walton, illustrated by Aśka

Sydney Taylor Book Awards 2024

The Sydney Taylor Book Award is presented annually to outstanding books for children and teens that authentically portray the Jewish experience. The award is intended to encourage the publication and widespread use of quality Judaic literature.

Sydney Taylor Picture Book Award:

Cover of "Two New Years" by Richard Ho. Image decriptio: Family with both Chinese New Year and Rosh Hashana imagery

Two New Years

Written by Richard Ho, illustrated by Lynn Scurfield

Sydney Taylor Middle Grade Award:

Cover of "The Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman," by Shaindy Goodman.  Image description: Two girls with long skirts and roller skates skate in front of a teal background with dripping, painted clouds.

The Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman

By Mari Lowe