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The Wellesley Free Library is a gathering place, a cultural destination and a gateway to ideas for residents of all ages. Many consider it “the heart of our community.” The Friends is a group of Wellesley residents, independent of the Library and its staff, dedicated to enhancing the quality of our Libraries by providing services and programming that stimulate the minds of our children and adults.

News from the Friends

Brian Cody Runs Virtual Marathon for the Friends

Although the 124th Boston Marathon was cancelled in May, on Labor Day, Wellesley resident Brian Cody, 34 Russel Road ran a Virtual Marathon to benefit the Friends of Wellesley Free Library. 

Each year, Wellesley receives a certain number of entries or “bibs” as compensation for supporting the path of the Marathon. The board of selectmen is responsible for awarding bibs to non-profit organizations they believe benefit the town in a significant way. The non-profits then find a runner to represent them. Each runner is required to make a personal commitment to raise a minimum of at least $4,500.00. The Friends found Brian and couldn’t be more grateful for his generous commitment to The Friends. 

Brian’s virtual marathon consisted of a 9 mile loop through neighborhoods of Wellesley which he completed three times. His route was constructed to pass several of the Friends homes who gathered to cheer him on and make sure he was well hydrated and nourished. Brian sent texts to the Friends when he arrived in each neighborhood so the crowds were there to cheer him as he ran by. Not quite the same as the  Wellesley College Scream Tunnel, but motivating to Brian non-the-less.

“When I had the chance to raise money for The Friends of Wellesley Free Libraries and run the Boston Marathon, I jumped at the opportunity!” 

“Living in the Fells neighborhood with my wife and two boys,” said Brian “I especially appreciate The Friends support of the branch libraries, including a wonderful renovation of the Fells Branch , which is a cornerstone of our neighborhood.”

Last year, Margaret Nyweide ran the 2019 Boston Marathon and raised $4,500 on behalf of the Friends. Margaret, a Wellesley resident has three young children. The Friends cheered Margaret as she ran through Wellesley.

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Volunteers, the Heart & Soul of the Friends

Have you ever thought about getting involved with the Friends? It’s a wonderful way to make new friends and get to know the people who share your passion for the Library. If you are interested, send an email to The Friends or Become a Volunteer. We hope to hear from you! THANK YOU.