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Exhibit Policy


As part of the Wellesley Free Library’s (WFL) mission of playing an educational and cultural role in the community, the WFL provides space for displays and exhibits of art as well as those of an aesthetic, cultural and civic nature. The displays also provide an opportunity to showcase local talent to the community.


The Wellesley Free Library accepts applications for exhibit space from groups and individuals residing in Massachusetts or working or attending school in the Town of Wellesley.    Applications are reviewed by the Wellesley Free Library Art Review Committee for acceptance.  Bookings are made for the current or next calendar year based on a space available basis.  Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Selection to exhibit and assignment of space is made at the discretion of the Committee.  Applicants who do not accept an assignment will go to the end of the queue for reconsideration.

Applicants must wait a year from the date of their exhibit before submitting a request for another exhibit and will not be granted exhibit space if he/she was granted space in the prior 24 months unless space permits.  Follow-up exhibits must not contain works previously exhibited at the Wellesley Free Library.  Applicants will be allowed 3 exhibits in a 10 year period.


• Must be submitted on the form that is available in the Main Library Administrative office or you can download here.
• Must include all requested information.
• Must include examples of the work for review.  (We request no original art work be included as examples – photographs, DVDS, and links to websites are acceptable)

Download Application

Download Children’s Exhibit Application


• Paintings, photographs and artwork must be framed and numerous enough for display in the space allocated.
• All materials displayed must be the artist’s original work.

No commercial exhibits

While a primary purpose of exhibits is to provide a showcase for local talent, professional portrait photographers and artists are welcome to apply; the purpose of the exhibit, however, cannot solely be to attract new clients. Exhibits may be declined if they are determined to be of a commercial nature.


The content of an exhibit should be suitable for patrons of all age groups and not of a nature that could discourage patrons from using the library. Exhibits should support the mission, vision and values of the WFL. The Director and/or her designee may remove any exhibit item at any time that does not meet these content guidelines. The Director’s interpretation of these regulations shall prevail subject to the final decision of the Board of Library Trustees.

Sale of Artwork

Exhibits may include printed materials provided by the exhibitor describing how displayed materials may be purchased and their cost. Such printed material should be neatly displayed and regularly stocked by the exhibitor. The library requires that 10% of proceeds be donated to the library. Exhibitors or their agents must be present if a sold item is to be retrieved from an exhibit. (Exhibitors or their agents may not transact any additional sale or commercial business on Library property.)

Receptions/Room Reservations

Receptions may be held in association with exhibits displayed in the Wakelin Room only, and the receptions must take place in the Wakelin Room. Room reservations for exhibit-related receptions and presentations must be booked in accordance with the WFL Meeting Room Policy. There is no meeting room charge for a reception or exhibit-related presentation. Exhibitors requesting use of the Foyer display space only may not hold a reception.


All publicity regarding the exhibit is solely the responsibility of the exhibitor and must not imply that the WFL has endorsed or otherwise recommended exhibited material.  Mention of the WFL in publicity must be limited to stating viewing dates, times and location.


Neither the Wellesley Free Library nor the Town of Wellesley is liable for any damage, loss, disappearance or theft of any artwork, exhibit item or any other part of an exhibit or any financial damages or bodily harm caused by, or related to an exhibit.  The exhibitor assumes all risks.


The exhibitor or a responsible party representing the exhibitor must sign the application and assume responsibility for compliance with this policy.  Penalties for non-compliance include, but are not limited to, immediate and permanent banning from exhibiting and/or payment for damages.

Art and Exhibit Space

The attachment provides guidelines for the exhibitor and describes the areas in the main library where artwork and/or exhibits may be displayed.

Exhibits in the Children’s Room Display Cases

There are two display cases located in the Serpentine wall in the Children’s Room. Displays in the Children’s room will be prioritized for children to display their special collections, hobbies, artwork, and ephemera. Applications will be reviewed by designated staff from the Children’s Department as determined by the Director.

Notwithstanding the above, this policy may be subject to exception at the discretion of the director and/or board of library trustees.

Revised and approved 3/22/2022 by the WFL Board of Trustees