The library will be closed on Saturday May 25th, Sunday May 26th, and Monday May 27th.

Home Delivery

What is In-Home Delivery?

It is a delivery service for elderly or disabled Wellesley residents who cannot come to the library.

How often do the materials arrive?
Every three weeks, the Wellesley Free Library van will deliver and/or pick up at your home.
Our current delivery day is Tuesday, between 11 AM and 1:00 PM

What can be delivered?
Books, audio-books, music CD’s, films on DVD, and magazines can all be delivered.
We will not deliver items that are high demand, new or not owned by the Wellesley Free Library

What if I forget about a delivery?
A librarian assigned to choose books for you will call you on the day of delivery or just before to remind you.

How do I place requests for particular items?
You will receive the telephone number and/or email address of the reference librarian who has been
assigned to choose books for you.

What if I move or something changes?
Please callĀ Information Services at 781-235-1610, x1117.

Large Print & audiobooks
The Wellesley Free Library has an extensive collection of recorded audiobooks available on compact disc, and downloadable digital files.
There are over 4,000 large print books for adults, with new titles being added regularly.