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Current Art Exhibits


Thoughts Take Form by Goce Davidov
Being a sculptor and restoration artist I had the opportunity to work at an archaeological site. I restored a lot of ceramic sculpture and pottery there. Having some ceramic sculpture from ancient eras in my hands I always asked myself: “Who was the artist? What was his or her name?” And of course the most important question, “How did he or she make that sculpture?” The answer is always the same. They took a ball of clay and with their fingers started shaping, using wooden tools and began decorating. That simplicity inspired me to begin to make the work for my most recent exhibition “Opposing Forces”. I also take a ball of clay and start shaping forms. These simple forms can be round, angular, organic, mechanical and without special reason I bring together. Those different shapes or forms manifest a metaphorical difference in our society making them strong sculptural pieces. 
So much of this work arises from discussion about anything we might disagree on, and while I enjoy talking about my work I imagine some of the best outreach I can do with the Nobles community is beginning to brainstorm ways in which we, in this world, disagree. How does that manifest? By hosting discussions in the gallery or in art classes I hope to begin a discussion with the community about how engagement and “opposing forces” can become a piece of art, which is beautiful. Disagreement, or opposing viewpoints can make something new. This, I believe, is particularly timely as this residency will take place just before the elections in November. While, I am not political nor do I have any political agenda it is important for schools to facilitate conversations that encourage people to listen to each other, and because my show has no other agenda other than to demonstrate the simplicity that can come from opposing ideas or arguments I believe that can contribute something that art is always able to bring to any community: a place to think and reflect.


From Sketch to Painting – Watercolors by Joan Savitt: How I use sketches as inspiration for my paintings
All of the watercolor paintings in this show began as rough sketches that I have drawn over the last several years. They are not the paintings though; they are a jumping off point. In addition to showing the finished painting, I will show the sketch that inspired it, as well as present the design steps used to create the finished work. This process ranges from thinking about how I feel about the subject matter, what I am trying to communicate in the painting, and how best I convey my thoughts and emotions in the completed piece.


New Book Cases: Wellesley League of Women Voters
The League has put together a bold and colorful display of historical and practical information as we approach the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Children’s Room Cases: Anniversary of Contrast

This Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) timeline display reflects on two of the most pivotal events in world history on their 75th anniversaries: the founding of the United Nations and the exploding of an atomic bomb.