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The Color of Light    Artist: Imadiel Ariel

Imadiel’s love of color and light, a result of her living in different continents and climates, has taken her through a journey of art-making in textiles, stained glass and watercolor painting.  Every painting is a journey into the essence of the subject.  Some are created through what she calls the “authentic gesture,” resulting in spontaneous and energetic paintings, while others are meticulous studies of nature or various types of architecture be they man made or natural.

Wakelin Room

The Chalk Menagerie   Artist: Elaine Howley

Taking inspiration from a #100DaysProject completed last year, Waltham artist Elaine K. Howley has created “The Chalk Menagerie”, an exhibition of 30 pastel drawings on paper. The exhibition includes a range of colorful and expressive portraits from across the animal kingdom. Birds, beasts, and beautiful creatures abound in this group of highly realistic pastel “paintings” that stretch the definition of the word drawing.