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James E. Mahoney Foyer

In Nature Series – Paintings by Samantha Eio;; Follow @samanthaeio_designs

“It’s only in and through place – the places we love and leave and pass through and want to go to – that we fi gure out who we are.” – Yi-Fu Tuan, “Topophilia”

Samantha Eio is a self-taught landscape artist who works in acrylic and watercolor paint. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the feeling of a place through drawing and painting. She is inspired by the natural world – forests, trails, the sky, the ocean, sunlight and shadows. Samantha is also moved by the dichotomy of the fast-paced world we live in and the struggle to find peace and stillness within. She works to portray this in creating a sense of movement with her brushstrokes and lines, along with a sense of calm through her choice of subject, paint colors and tones. Her paintings feature meaningful locations from throughout New England, many from right here in Natick. She hopes her artwork makes you, the viewer or collector, want to get outdoors and to explore. Samantha is originally from Northern New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University, and draws on her architectural background often for her artwork. She is a member of the Natick Art Association, the Wellesley Society of Artists, the Dedham Art Association and the Newton Art Association. Her work has been exhibited locally, and her painting “Forward Rush” was recently selected to be part of the permanent collection at PNC Bank at Dedham Legacy Place. Samantha resides in Natick with her family. She also enjoys trail running, playing the piano and listening to way too many audiobooks.

Wakelin Room

It’s In the Trees – Paintings by Raymond Paradiso

Welcome Center & Jackie’s Room Display Cases

Hinged Triptychs by Alfred DeAngelo

Ever since seeing medieval altarpieces I’ve been intrigued, not by the subject matter but by the format – three separate images hinged together. Even if they contain different content, they are forced to relate to one another because they are attached.

I’ve experimented with triptychs before, and in 2017-2020 I decided to concentrate on the format, making my own Surrealist versions of hinged triptychs. These are not altarpieces, but disparate images forced to be considered together.

As with all my Surrealist images, I try to look ‘through’ outward appearances and somehow embody the essential mystery of existence.

All pieces are for sale unless otherwise noted. The paintings can be displayed free standing or hung on a wall. If interested or would like to comment, please contact me at:; htp://

Commons Display Cases

Climate Action