This Month’s Art Exhibits

February, 2020


Nature on Display by Gene Rork and his late wife Aniko Peterdi
Taken between 2010 and 2018, the photographs range from small landscapes to grand vistas plus a few birds. The photographers’ goal is to show usual and unusual aspects of our world, with the hope that viewers will have a renewed desire to take care of its beauty.  





(New Book & Jackie’s Room Cases)
Opposing Forces – Sculpture by Goce Davidov
“Ceramics as a material with natural warmth and capacity for modeling and shaping, contains an action in the artwork which allows me to create my own language through art. My artwork covers the cosmos, but in the micro view. In creating multiple iterations of one form, I, as the artist, build a tactile reality by pursuing my emotional, psychological, conditional present.”

(Children’s Room Cases)
Vintage Children’s Books– a private collection
This display of Little Golden Books and Wonder Books may cause nostalgia for ones’ childhood! These original editions from a personal collection represent years of finding by chance and searching through book dealers.