Current Library Exhibits


The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape
Photographs of New Americans by Mark Chester

This collection of informal, environmental portraits of ethnic diversity in Massachusetts represents over 190 countries and is touring the state; a companion book will bring awareness to our cultural diversity. Prompted by the 2010 Census, the seed was planted earlier on assignment at Ellis Island for a 1978 essay by role model Charles Kuralt.
Unlike Chester’s candid street photography, this is a straightforward approach: individuals looking into the camera, telling stories through expression, place and pose.

Wakelin Room

Art for the Birds      Artist: Nelson Hammer

Hammer says, “I attempt to render my avian art in as ornithologically accurate a manner as possible, such that anyone with a passing knowledge of birds will be able to easily identify the subjects presented (some, of tropical species, may not be familiar to too many New Englanders!). They are all interpreted from high resolution photography, allowing me to incorporate as much detail into my work as possible.”

Children’s Room Exhibit Cases

St. Johns School Student Art Exhibit