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Self-check Express Holds Pickup is available from the Wakelin Room. Call 781-235-1610 for Library information.
Book drops are open at the Main Library for returns.

Current Art Exhibits


Serenity and Harmony – Pastels by Martha Marson

Marson began working with soft pastels several years ago after a short stint in watercolors. “I felt more of a textural and tactile connection with the medium and the canvas because of the lack of a brush…  it reminded me of kindergarten- fingerprinting and crayons all over again!” Her landscapes portray the seasons in all their glory.



Squares of Love: 20×20 in 2020 –  Mixed Media and Acrylic paintings by Corri Taylor and Catherine Rosenberg
The impetus for the colorful “Squares of Love” display goes back to July 2015, when Rosenberg started a weekly practice of mailing Taylor little 3” x 3” artsy designs on paper to cheer her when arriving home from chemotherapy treatments. These best friends since college decided to share the cheer more boldly and broadly with this exhibit of 20″ x 20″ Squares of Love. Taylor is a Wellesley resident. Rosenberg resides in Staunton, VA. 




Wellesley Celebrations Committee
The Wellesley Celebrations Committee is a nonprofit organization that honors veterans and recognizes organizations and people who serve our community. Their signature events are held annually in May; the Veterans’ Parade and Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend.