Current Library Exhibits

October, 2019


Wellesley Wednesdays by Beth Shedd
For 60 consecutive weeks (starting January 2018) Wellesley photographer Beth Shedd introduces us to the people who make living in Wellesley special. From shop owners and town employees to crossing guards and neighbors, Beth photographs people in their element and asks why they do what they do and why they love to do it. Wednesday after Wednesday, the tapestry of Wellesley reveals itself in her photojournalism.






Pianista Painting and Prints by Michael Frassinelli

Frassinelli is a sculptor and painter who teaches and is the head of the Visual Art Department at the Dana Hall School. For the past 15 years he has created a series of masks, sculptures and other objects from old piano parts, which are displayed as artifacts from a lost (fictional) civilization known as the Pianistas. The series, collectively known as The Legend of the Pianistas, is often displayed as a natural history museum exhibit, complete with text panels, archival photographs, video, sound installation, and a fully illustrated museum catalog. Pianista Paintings and Prints features large and small painted portraits, small black and white and colored prints, and handmade books. More at