Current Library Exhibits

July in the Wakelin Room

Horses and Foxes by Tatiana Benharbone

This group of oil on paper paintings were done in Toulouse, France from 1975 to 1989.


In the Lobby

Landscapes Plus by Joyce Goodman

Joyce’s intention is to bring beauty, excitement and nostalgia to the viewer through vivid colors, well thought out compositions and a fine balance of negative and positive shapes.

Exhibit Cases

After the Praying Indians Had Left by photographer, Charlene Smith

After white settlers claimed the land, Wellesley saw rapid land development, yet natural beauty remains carefully preserved.  Writer and photographer Charlene Smith has documents Wellesley’s natural wealth as well as some of the other beautiful places in New England.

In the Wakelin Room

Color of Nature by Jodi Traub

Inspired by dramatic light and color, Jodi Traub has a passion for painting landscapes and flowers found in nature whether painting in the studio of plein air.  Her work has been described as “peaceful” and she hopes to bring a sense of well-being to those who view her work.


Stained Glass Sky, photographs by Kira Seamon

The leaves, bark and branches of autumn trees are arranged into fascinating shapes and patterns reminiscent of stained glass.  Fascinating textures come to light in photos of rare ornamental trees with dramatic exfoliating bark of multiple colored layers.