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Current Art Exhibits


The Female Element: In Celebration of Women’s History Month – Paintings in Oil by Tatiana

The Lobby exhibit includes paintings in oil by Tatiana. Her work features females in various form in recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.


Annie Newman – Influencers (oil on canvas)

“For the past few years, I have been working on a series called Influencers, which is comprised of portraits of people who have influenced my life, both directly or indirectly through their work or their spirit. From my immediate family to famous painters and activists, my subjects are individuals whom have had a formative influence on my psyche. Selecting my subjects has been as exciting a journey as painting them.

The first time that I showed this work, I sold three portraits – one of Greta Thunberg and two of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. These images resonated with people in a way that I did not anticipate. It made me think more deeply about who I painted. I have become fascinated with the notion of “an iconic face” – from Gloria Steinem to Rosa Parks to Billie Jean King to Taylor Swift – these faces illicit a connection. We like to look at these people, to connect with them, to know them.

To complement this portrait work, I have begun a second series called Companions. This work has grown organically out of the portrait work. From simple color studies that complement the icon, to enigmatic images that relate to their life’s work, to textual narrative that articulates their message; I have created a series of companion pieces that I hope make the resulting diptych or triptych richer and more meaningful. It turns out that my icons have a lot to say!”


About the artist: Building on a successful, two-decade professional career in architecture and design, and armed with an undergraduate degree in art history, Annie has committed this next chapter of her life to making art.

Annie was raised and educated in Chicago, the quintessential American city, where she was surrounded by creative people, cultural activities, and a dynamic visual landscape. Her love of this rich visual context is what led her to pursue to an undergraduate degree in art history, and ultimately, a two-decade career in design.

Today, Annie is both making and promoting art. She regularly enrolls in art classes and plays an active role in community art organizations, including the Public Art Committee, leading a campaign to paint local electrical boxes, and the Art in the Park Steering Committee, which hosts an annual community art project in the center of town. During Covid, Annie joined the Wellesley Society of Artists and has had the privilege of exhibiting with them twice.

Annie is delighted to have her first solo exhibition of Influencers this March at the Wellesley Free Library.

In November of 2021, pieces from the collection will be exhibited at Fountain Street Gallery Boston where Annie has been invited to join the FS Annex class of 2021.



New Book Cases: Wellesley League of Women Voters
The League has put together a bold and colorful display of historical and practical information as we approach the November 3, 2020 General Election.

Children’s Room Cases: Anniversary of Contrast

This Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) timeline display reflects on two of the most pivotal events in world history on their 75th anniversaries: the founding of the United Nations and the exploding of an atomic bomb.