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What do you do when the library is closed, you need a source, and your teacher says Wikipedia doesn’t count?

Check out our library databases of course!

Data bases are links to reputable sources on almost any topic you might need. Need a primary source – we have the complete New York Times database on line! Need a science article to support your case? We have that too!

Scroll down and find the world at your fingertips – all in one easy-access place.

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  • A to Z Maps Online

    4000+ world maps including political, physical, population, climate and other thematic maps.  New maps are added to the collection every month.

  • A to Z the USA

    Information about U.S. states and territories.

  • Academic OneFile

    Contains 14,000 academic journals, 6000 in full text, hundreds of podcasts and transcripts from NPR, CNN, and the CBC, as well as full-text New York Times content from 1985

  • Biography in Context

    Includes 600,000+ biographies with photos and links to current research on the world’s most influential people.

  • Britannica Online Public Library Edition

    Contains four full encyclopedias, the Encyclopædia BritannicaCompton’s by BritannicaBritannica Elementary Encyclopedia, and Britannica Concise Encyclopedia each covering the research needs of a different age group. It also contains full-text magazine articles, reviewed websites, homework help, a world atlas, Merriam-Webster dictionaries and thesauri for children and adults, a Spanish-English dictionary, video and audio content, daily content updates, and more.

  • Britannica Online School Edition

    Elementary, Middle and High School levels, plus read-aloud at all levels and translation for over 50 languages.  Gives teachers and students instant access to four complete encyclopedias and high-quality online learning materials that have been developed by teachers and curriculum experts. Designed for all levels of learning from elementary school through high school, offers students an easy-to-use gateway to the vast resources of Encyclopædia Britannica.

  • Britannica Spanish Reference Center

    Two Spanish language encyclopedias, one for ages 6-12 and another for the high school and college ages

  • Earth Science: Earth’s Surface and History

    Comprised of over 125 essays on a wide variety of features that have influenced life on earth (including mountain ranges, the ocean, continental movement, etc.) Detailed explorations of the evolution of dinosaurs, fish, birds, plant life and humans, as they were influenced by the earth’s surface, fill this set.

  • Environmental Issues (Encyclopedia of)

    Hundreds of environmentally related articles written by experts in the fields of biology, geology, anthropology, demographics, genetics, and engineering that explain the interrelationships of issues in these fields. Topics include endangered animal species, air pollution, national parks, environmental legislation, oil spills, alternative energy sources, and global climate change and more. Includes hundreds of photographs, charts, graphs, tables, and maps.

  • Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

    Providing robust coverage of the field of environmental issues and policy, this collection, which includes over 1000 periodicals, provides instant access to the multiple viewpoints of this volatile field of study, including perspectives from the scientific community, governmental policy makers, as well as corporate interests.

  • Expanded Academic ASAP

    From arts and the humanities to social sciences, science and technology, this database meets research needs across all academic disciplines.  Access scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers – with full text and images!

  • Global Issues in Context

    Offers international viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues, topics, and current events. Hundreds of continuously updated issue and country portals bring together a variety sources for analysis of social, political, military, economic, environmental, health, and cultural issues. Each gateway page includes an overview, unique “perspectives” articles written by local experts, reference, periodical, primary source and statistical information. Includes podcasts, video, and interactive graphs.

  • Global Social Issues

    Examines current, critical social issues in historical and global contexts. Original, signed articles cover a broad range of topics including the environment, health, science, the media, ethnic conflicts, poverty, immigration and many others. Each article provides historical context with discussion and analysis of contemporary issues facing today’s world.

  • Global Warming (Encyclopedia of)

    The Encyclopedia of Global Warming provides comprehensive coverage of the questions of global warming and climate change, including scientific descriptions and explanations of all factors, from carbon dioxide to sunspots, that might contribute to climate change.

  • Health and Wellness Resource Center

    Provides instant access to carefully compiled and trusted medical reference materials. Includes nearly 400 health/medical journals, numerous reference volumes, over 700 health videos from partner Healthology, Inc., hundreds of pamphlets and health-related articles from 2,200 general interest publications in addition to a broad collection of Gale reference titles. Material contained in this Resource Center is intended for informational purposes only.

  • Hoopla

    hoopla is a way to borrow free digital video, music and audiobooks with your library card. Gain access to thousands of titles – available for instant streaming or temporarily download – and watch on your smartphone, tablet or computer. There’s no waiting to borrow and hoopla digital’s automatic return eliminates all late fees. To get started, simply create an account with your library card number.


    JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

    Journals: JSTOR contains the full-text of more than 2,300 journals from 1,000 publishers, with publication dates ranging from 1665 to 2015 (for certain titles). Journals are available in more than 60 disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences and mathematics.

    eBooks: JSTOR contains more than 40,000 ebooks from academic publishers. The ebooks work just like journals, offering unlimited use and DRM-free chapter downloads in PDF format.

    Primary Sources: JSTOR includes more than two million primary sources across four collections – 19th Century British Pamphlets, Global Plants, Struggles for Freedom: South Africa, World Heritage Sites: Africa.

  • Literature Resource Center

    Find up-to-date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism and reviews on more than 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world.

  • Magill’s Literary Annual

    Reviews of new fiction and non-fiction books of all genres including poetry, short fiction, and criticism. Archives beginning with the 1977 edition are available for searching and include the author and title index.

  • Mango Languages

    Mango Languages

    Mango is designed to equip you with conversational abilities from the very start. Whether you’re learning how to order a pizza or ask when the game starts, Mango immerses you in real, everyday conversations in 60 different language courses and ESL instruction for speakers of 18 languages.  The newest feature is language learning through film with popular films in their native language.

  • Native Peoples of the World

    An international team of experts covers the histories and cultures of hundreds of native groups and the nations in which they live. Not merely an historical treatment, the work includes current issues of major concern to native peoples around the globe.

  • NoveList

    NoveList is an electronic readers’ advisory resource which assists fiction readers in finding new authors and titles.  Through its attractive and easy-to-use interface, NoveList allows readers to use a favorite author or title as a template to locate other authors and titles of interest.  Readers can also enter words that describe the contents of a book they would like to read, and NoveList retrieves titles that contain these words in the book’s subject headings field.  In addition, users can browse over 1,200 theme-oriented book lists, 150 award lists and 1,000 fiction related web-sites.  NoveList contains materials for all ages including picture books, children’s “chapter” books, young adult titles and books for adult readers. The product’s database provides enhanced subject access to over 92,000 fiction titles.  Updated quarterly, the NoveList database integrates information from a variety of sources.

  • Oxford Reference

    Oxford Reference brings together over 2 million Oxford reference entries into a single cross-searchable resource.

  • PowerKnowledge Earth and Space Science

  • PowerKnowledge Life Science

    For grades 3–8, PowerKnowledge Science Suite offers online research, report, and homework help in three areas of science: life science, earth and space science and physical science. Comprised of curriculum-correlated content, PowerKnowledge Science Suite promotes digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills with database articles and interactive content.

  • PowerKnowledge Physical Science

  • PowerSearch

    Gale PowerSearch is a platform unlike any other, providing libraries with a sophisticated, yet simple, solution for managing a wealth of periodical, reference and primary source information. Moreover, PowerSearch provides your patrons with access to all the Gale content in your library’s collection through one, single search query.

    Gale PowerSearch helps users select the databases most appropriate to include in a cross-search by providing an alphabetical listing along with a description of each one. Users search with the method that’s easiest for them – by entering keywords, using pre-defined subject terms or constructing complex search queries using Boolean logic. Below the search term field, users will find a list of Gale databases so they can simply select as many databases as they want to include in their search. The database from which each document is found appears as part of the search results.

  • Proquest E-Book Central

    An ebook lending platform developed in collaboration with leading university and research libraries and with academic publishers. Offering content across all subject areas Proquest E-book Central features content from major academic publishers worldwide, including titles from Taylor & Francis, Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge University Press, Kluwer Academic, Springer, World Scientific and others. Ebooks can be viewed online or downloaded to a computer or PDA. this product offers full-text search capability across the database.

  • Research in Context

    Research in Context covers the most-studied topics in literature, science, social studies, and U.S. and world history, as well as the social issues most relevant to this age group. It features:

    • Engaging reference, periodical, and multimedia content
    • Information from trusted sources like Gale, National Geographic, Scholastic and more
    • Alignment to national and state curriculum standards
    • New content written especially for middle schoolers including nearly 300 topic pages and overviews

    Best of all, Gale’s Research in Context supports students’ workflow with a mobile-responsive design, optimized for any device and screen size, allowing students to search and find information easily on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Salem Press: Health

    Salem Health brings online access to Salem Press’ award-winning health reference works.

    Addictions & Substance Abuse (2013)
    Cancer (2009)
    Complementary & Alternative Medicine (2012)
    Genetics & Inherited Conditions (2010)
    Magill’s Medical Guide, 7th edition (2014)
    Magill’s Medical Guide, 6th edition (2011)
    Psychology & Mental Health (2010)

    Magill’s Medical Guide covers diseases, disorders, treatments, procedures, specialties, anatomy, biology, and other medical issues. Search topics, browse categories or a subject index, or consult the glossary.

  • Salem Press: History

    Includes online access to:

    – The Twenties in America
    – The Thirties in America
    – The Forties in America
    The Sixties in America
    The Seventies in America
    The Eighties in America
    – The Nineties in America
    – The 2000’s in America

    Defining Documents in American History:
    – Exploration & Colonial America (1492-1755)
    – The American Revolution (1754-1805)
    – Manifest Destiny & the New Nation (1803-1859)
    – The American West (1836-1900)

    Civil War (1860-1865)
    – Reconstruction Era (1865-1877)
    – The Emergence of Modern America (1874-1917)
    – WWI (1914-1919)
    – WWII (1939-1946)
    – Postwar 1940s (1945-1950)
    – Civil Rights (1954-2015)
    – The Vietnam War (1956-1975)

    Encyclopedia of American Immigration

    Great Events from History:
    – The Ancient World
    – Middle Ages
    – The Renaissance 1454-1600
    – The 17th Century
    – The 18th Century
    – The 20th Century 1901-1940
    – The 20th Century 1941-1970

    Great Lives from History
    – Ancient World
    – 19th Century
    – 17th Century

    Issues in U.S. Immigration

    Milestone Documents in American History
    – American Leaders
    – American History
    – World History
    – World Religions

  • Salem Press: Literature

    Includes access to:

    -Critical Insights: Authors
    -Critical Insights: Films
    -Critical Insights: Themes
    -Critical Insights: Works
    -Critical Surveys
    -Enyclopedias of Literary Characters & Places
    -Introduction to Literary Context
    -Magill’s Literary Annuals (1977-2015)

  • Salem Press: Science

    Includes online access to:

    -Applied Science
    -Earth Science: Earth’s Surface and History
    -Environmental Issues
    -Encyclopedia of Global Warming
    -Principles of Astronomy
    -Principles of Chemistry
    -Principles of Physics

  • Science in Context

    Science in Context is an engaging online resource providing contextual information on hundreds of today’s most significant science topics. By integrating authoritative, curriculum-aligned reference content with headlines and videos, Science in Context draws students into the subject matter, showing how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues, from weather patterns to obesity.

  • Social Issues in America

    Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia addresses nearly 170 timely American issues in breadth and detail, providing an introduction to the basic concepts, terminology, historical background, competing points of view, statistics, and research materials associated with each one.

  • Student Edition

    This database is designed for high school students, with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.

  • Student Edition Infotrac

    InfoTrac Student Edition is specifically designed for secondary school students, providing instant access to screened, age-appropriate content from magazines, journals, newspapers and reference books. The ideal alternative to random Web searching, InfoTrac Student Edition covers a wide range of subjects, from science, history and literature to political science, sports and environmental studies, offering reliable, authorit

  • U.S. History in Context

    Hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in U.S. History are detailed using full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.

  • World History in Context

    Hundreds of the most significant people, events and topics in World History are detailed using full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.