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Technology Classes

Technology Classes

Jackie’s Room is our computer training facility at the Wellesley Free Library.  It was created with a generous donation by the late Alice Confortes, in memory of her daughter, Jackie Confortes Covo.  The room has 12 workstations and is the location for introductory and intermediate level classes on using a PC and various popular software applications, searching the Internet, and using the Minuteman Library Catalog and databases.

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Technology Class Handouts

Apple Skills

  • All About iTunes ~ iTunes is Apple’s music player application. Users can download music, videos, podcasts and audiobooks to their computer, iPhone or iPad. We will discuss creating playlists, using Genius, importing music and downloading from the iTunes store. We will also review streaming radio stations with iTunes Radio.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone ~ Learn how to use and take full advantage of all the amazing features your iPhone offers: great camera and video capabilities, text messaging, Siri, FaceTime, calendars, contact and other features.
  • iPad for News ~ iPads can be a great way to help you stay up to date on breaking news. We will review different news apps and social media news sources as well as discuss how to find reliable news sources online.
  • iPad in the Kitchen: Farmers’ Markets and More ~ Using your iPad in the kitchen can take your cooking to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a rare one, come learn about the great ways to integrate your iPad into your cooking.
  • Keeping Organized with Mail, Contacts and Calendars on an Apple Device ~ Managing your mail, contacts and calendars is fundamental to using your Apple product to its full potential. This workshop will review features, tips and tricks in these apps.
  • Mac Basics: Part 1 & 2 ~ Learn the basics of Mac computers including terms, setting preferences, the Dock, Finder, saving and opening files. These workshops also cover the standard Mac applications.
  • Photo: Pictures on Your Mac ~ Photo is Apple’s newly designed app to keep your photos organized. The course will include importing photos from your camera, CD or DVD; organizing your photos; creating photo albums and viewing your photos in slideshows; editing, sharing and tagging photos.
  • Podcasts: Listening with Apple’s iTunes ~ Podcasting is an extraordinary world worth exploring and it spans dozens of topics. Learn about the easy ways iTunes makes thousands of podcasts from all over the world available for on-demand listening.
  • Snap It: Using & Enhancing your iPhone/iPad Camera ~ We will introduce apps that help take the best photos with an iPhone/iPad. These apps have great editing, special effects and enhancement features that the standard camera does not include.
  • What’s So Great About Apps Anyway? WizeGuide’s Favorite Apps ~ Learn how to navigate the app world using your tablets or smart phones an find the latest and greatest apps. We will demonstrate the an assortment of our favorite apps from the world of entertainment, games, news, weather, social networking, productivity, utilities and photos.
  • Zen: Use Apple Technology to Relax ~ Do you want to use your iPhone or iPad to achieve inner calm and relaxation? Learn how use your device to relax and de-stress. We will review apps that offer guided meditation, sleep tracking and relaxation.

Business & Employment

  • Job Seekers Series
    • Part 1: Jump Start Your Job Search ~ This hands-on workshop will reinvigorate your job search. Learn job search strategies, where to find jobs online and how to research companies. Each attendee will leave with a job they are interested in applying to.
    • Part 2: Resumes & Cover Letters ~ You found a you want to apply to, now what? Learn tips and tricks for preparing your resume and cover letter for a specific job application. Please bring a job description or position posting of interest.
    • Part 3: Applying to Jobs Online ~ You’re ready to apply to a job! Come learn how to complete an online application including uploading resumes and cover letters as well as how to stay organized during the application process.
    • Part 4: LinkedIn ~ LinkedIn is a networking tool allowing users to connect to professional contacts and build relationships with professionals in your field. LinkedIn is certainly a crucial tool for job seekers, but at heart, LinkedIn is a networking tool that can be valuable in the job search process. Participants will setup a LinkedIn account, begin building a profile, make connections and search for jobs. If you have one, please bring your resume.
  • Marketing for Small Business Series
    • Part 1: Mailchimp (eNewsletters) ~ Email marketing is an immediate and direct marketing tool that can be tailored to your small business. In this first class, of the three session series, participants will learn the basics of creating an enewsletter using Mailchimp. We will review planning, subject lines, designs and sending of your enewsletter within the tool. Please bring a list of customer email addresses, preferably in an Excel file.
    • Part 2: Instagram ~ Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Come learn the basics of posting photos, understand hashtags and their importance and build an Instagram marketing plan for your small business.
    • Part 3: Facebook ~ Learn how to create a Facebook Page for your small business. A personal Facebook account is required to create and manage a Facebook Page. Learn best practices for posting content, acquiring ‘likes’ and using the scheduling tool.
    • Part 4: Hootsuite (Social Media Management) ~ Do you have a social media presence for your small business? Come learn how to manage your multiple accounts in one place using Hootsuite. This online tool allows you to schedule posts, provides statistics and ways to engage with your users. In this session we will set up a Hootsuite account and look at the various features of this tool. Participants should have more than one social media account, for example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • WordPress for Small Business Series
    • Part 1: Getting Started ~ WordPress is a great online tool for creating a flexible website or blog. In this first part, of the three session series, we will walk through how to create a site that meets your needs, set up a WordPress account and the basics of adding content to your site. Participants will leave with the beginning of a WordPress website.
    • Part 2: Developing and Adding Content ~ In our second session we will continue to develop your WordPress site. We will review how to add different types of media, create calendars and further refine the theme of your site.
    • Part 3: Fine Tuning Your Web Presence ~ In the final session of the Word Press series we will further refine your web presence to ensure the site is fitting your needs and relevant to your audience. Adding widgets, embedding media and scheduling future posts will also be reviewed.

Google Suites

  • Google Docs ~ Google Docs is a web-based word processor on Google Suites which allows users to create documents remotely on most devices. Google Docs also allows groups of people to edit documents simultaneously and automatically saves changes.
  • Google Photos ~ Google Photos is a photo-sharing and cloud storage service developed by Google. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.
  • Google Sheets ~ Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program offered through Google Suites which allows users to create spreadsheets remotely on most devices. Google Sheets also allows groups of people to edit documents simultaneously and automatically saves changes.
  • Google Slides ~ Google Slides is a web-based presentation program offered through Google Suites which allows users to create slideshow presentation remotely on most devices. Google Slides also allows groups of people to edit presentations simultaneously and automatically saves changes.
  • Gmail: Google’s Email ~ Gmail is a powerful tool for email which opens you up to numerous Google products. We will look at setting up filters, using starring functions as well as tags, labels and advanced features.
    • Gmail: Part 1 ~ Gmail is a powerful tool for email and a gateway to numerous Google products.  We will look at setting up a Gmail account, and cover the basics of composing, sending, replying to, forwarding and searching emails.
    • Gmail: Part 2 ~ Now that we have covered the basics of Gmail in our introductory class, we will move on to more advanced features such as setting up filters, using starring functions, tags and labels.
  • Google Forms ~ Learn to create eye-catching surveys and track responses with Google Forms! Forms is a powerful tool that allows you to make professional looking surveys for personal or professional use. There are no limits to how many surveys you can make or send out. To use Forms, all you need is a Gmail account! 
  • Google Drive: Cloud Storage & Work Space ~ Google Drive can provide a great solution for working and storing documents in the Cloud. With word processing, spreadsheets and presentation tools that are fully compatible with MS Office, Google Drive can be a great solution for may purposes
  • Google Maps: Find Your Way~ In this hands-on workshop we will play with Google Maps, a useful online and mobile tool for finding your way around, finding nearby businesses and planning the quickest routes.
  • Google Meet for Beginners ~ Learn how to safely make conference calls with other Google users!
  • Google Search Tips ~ Google’s search engine can do more than a basic word search.  It is possible to search for a phrase, find words in a title, URL, or in a specific webpage.


  • Finding Your Family History: Genealogy Resources at the WFL ~ Come explore the genealogy resources available through the library, including We’ll look at various parts of the genealogy research process and learn about available resources.
  • Your Digitized Legacy: What It Is and How to Protect It~ Whether you know it or not, you have a wealth of documents that are part of your legacy! All of your documents and photographs, even just the sentimental pieces, are important. This new series will discuss ways you can digitize your legacy, not only to organize it but also to protect it. Part 1 covers new equipment in the WFL’s Library of Things collection that you can take home to digitize your items. Part 2 discusses different ways you can store and organize those digital files and many options available to you.

Language Learning

  • Introduction to Mango Languages ~ Mango Languages is an interactive online language platform that utilizes real-life situations, everyday conversations and native speakers in a self-paced course. in this hands-on session, we will cover how to sign up for Mango Languages account, then move on to learning the best ways to navigate the program.

Microsoft: Office & Windows

  • Computer Basics Parts 1 & 2 ~ In Part 1 of this series for beginners we will talk about what computers are, how they can be useful to you and review terminology. You’ll get practice with the mouse and keyboard navigation and with basic organization tools including files and folders. In Part 2, we will move into accessing the Internet. You can also find a shortened version of our handout here.
  • File Management: Create & Organize Files & Folders ~ Learn about creating and organizing files and folders. We’ll look at local and cloud-based storage options.
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe: Windows ~ Knowing more about how to keep your computer working well and free from malware will make you a more confident and better computer owner. We’ll talk about maintenance, upkeep and more.
  • Office: 3 Sessions – Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher (Introduction & Intermediate only)
  • Windows 10 ~ Windows 10 is designed to work on both computers and mobile devices.  Whether you are using Win 10 on a touch screen or with a mouse, the OS gives you great ways to organize your device and integrate web tools into your work.  In this session, we’ll look at setting up your Win 10 device for your needs, cover common tasks, and get you comfortable with using this OS.

Readers’ Resources

Video & Media

  • Final Cut Pro X: Part 1 & 2 ~ Learn the basics of non-linear editing using Final Cut Pro X.
  • Photoshop Elements 14 ~ This class is an introduction to digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.
  • Shooting Great Video on Mobile Devices ~ We will cover the elements of shooting better video. Students are encouraged to bring their video cameras, ,mobile devices to hoot video.
  • Video Editing with iMovie on the iPad ~ Learn how to edit and share your movies on an iPad using the latest version of iMovie from Apple Computer.
  • YouTube 101: Creating Your Own YouTube Page ~ Learn how to create your own YouTube page and upload your videos. This workshop covers sharing videos across social media platforms and other websites.

Your Online Life

  • Apps for ArtistsAre you a creative person looking to expand your craft, or to find new ways to express yourself? This guide explores many new *free* apps for artists. Whether you’re a painter, drawer, writer, or musician, there are a wealth of new apps out there that can help you expand your craft. *Please note that not all apps explored in class are available for Android or non-iOS devices.
  • AtoZ Databases ~ Come learn about AtoZDatabases, a new job search, reference, business and marketing database offered by the WFL. Look for jobs, search companies or do a background search.
  • Consumer Resources ~ Knowing the consumer resources available to you through the Wellesley Free Library can save you both time and effort. At this informative session you will learn to find reviews and information on reviews.
  • CreativeBug ~ CreativeBug is a database that has more than 1,000 award-winning art and craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists. You are also able to download PDF instructions for these projects. Users are also able to share their final projects with the community.
  • Canva ~ Canva is an online editing program that allows users to create dynamic and eye-catching graphic designs.
    • Create a Postcard with Canva ~ Are you getting ready to send out holiday cards to friends and family? Would you like to create your own personal design? Learn the basics of Canva, an online editing tool, and customize a postcard! No design experience – just a working email
    • Create a Social Media Post with Canva ~ Do you want to make eye-catching social media posts? Then try Canva! Learn the basics of Canva, an online editing tool, and customize a social media post! No design experience – just a working email
  • Digital Wellesley Townsman ~ Our Digital Wellesley Townsman database has gotten a new look. This guide shows off the new interface, and the search, browse and viewer modes. The Digital Townsman covers the years 1906-1989.
  • Dropbox: Documents and Files in the Cloud ~ This workshop will review how to use Dropbox, mobile interfaces and key features.
  • Evernote: Organize Your Ideas ~ Instead of ripping articles out of magazines and scrawling notes all over them, let Evernote help you organize web and original content. Consistently rated as a top productivity tool, this free resource allows you to save web content, add your own notes and organize information into ‘notebooks’. Whether you are working from a computer or a mobile device, Evernote is an excellent tool.
  • Financial Ratings Series Online ~ an excellent, independent, unbiased, and easy-to-use financial tool for consumers, investors, investment analysts, money managers, and students.  It offers financial strength ratings for banks and credit unions and offers financial planning tools for investors regarding banks, insurance, stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s.  Included is a customized Medicaare Supplement Insurance Planner.
  • Financial Tools at the Library ~ The library offers many great tools for individual investors. This workshop will review the online and print tools available for patrons such as ValueLine and Morningstar.
  • Find Music Online ~ Try online sources to find new music. This workshop will review Spotify, a digital music service with access to millions of songs, and Pandora, a free personalized radio, as well as other streaming services.
  • Finding Real Estate Online ~ Wondering which real estate site is best for you? Learn how to navigate and utilize the unique features of the top real estate website: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and Redfin.
  • Find a Ride with Transportation Apps ~ Use your smartphone to locate taxis and public transportation from any location. This workshop will review how to use Uber, Lyft, Citymapper and MBTA apps for iOS and Android.
  • Find and Organize with Pinterest ~ Pinterest is a social tool for finding, organizing and sharing web content. In this hands-on session we’ll be looking at fun ways to use this site, including creating boards, pinning pictures and connecting with other Pinterest users.
  • Finding Tax Forms Online ~ The IRS is making a commitment to offering tax forms online for download. We’ll look at how individuals can find and download instructions, forms and other items.
  • Fitness & Workout Tools & Apps ~ We’ll look at popular workout apps and how your mobile devices can become an important part of your overall exercise plan.
  • Flickr: Photo Storage & Sharing ~ Flickr is a photo storage service that allows you to share as well as store up to 500,000 photos. Discover how to create albums, store images, and save images. Bring your own images along to create your own Flickr account.
  • Focus on JSTOR~ JSTOR is a collection of over 2000 publications (including both journals & books) across 40 disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.  Learn about the best ways to get the most out of this powerful tool.
  • Get the Facts: Finding Truthful News ~ In today’s post-truth world, it is difficult to glean what is true, what is false and what falls somewhere in between.  This class will help you prepare an online toolkit that will enable you to fact check, gauge the credibility of news sources, and to become as well-informed as possible.  We will be looking at how information conveys ‘truthiness,’ how to identify internal and external biases, and most importantly, how to come to your own informed, knowledgeable conclusions about what is happening in the world.
  • Getting Started with Video Chatting ~ Do you have friends and family all around the country, or even the world, who you are unable to see this holiday season?  Use video chatting!  This class explores a myriad of options available to you so you can see your loved ones.  Options for both Apple and Android products are included.
  • Getting Started with Zoom ~ Zoom is a video conferencing service that can be used in a browser or downloaded to a computer or mobile device. With a free basic account, users can make 40-minute calls with up to 100 people. Learn how to access and use Zoom so you can be ready for your next work meeting, webinar, or social distancing party!
  • Hoopla: Instant Digital Library Materials ~ Learn how to instantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more 24/7.
  • Instagram:
    • Instagram Part 1 ~ Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing social media platform. It is designed to share photos and videos instantly on your mobile smartphone. In Part 1 we will review how to create an account, customize your profile and review account settings. You will leave with an understanding of the news feed, following other accounts, basic use of the search feature and creating a post.
    • Instagram Part 2 ~ This session will delve a bit deeper into Instagram’s capabilities. We will review stories, customizing posts with filters, tagging posts including hashtags, locations and people, mentioning others in posts, commenting and messaging, and we will delve deeper into the search feature.
  • Internet 101 ~ Are you new to the Internet? this introductory course will guide you through the basics while providing up-to-date information on the latest online tools and technologies. Topics include: what the Internet is; how the Internet is used; connecting to the Internet; browser basics, and search engines and strategies.
  • Introduction to Facebook ~ Facebook is a great social media tool for staying in touch with family and friends. We will look at the different components of Facebook, discuss privacy settings, and learn how to get the most out of the social network.
  • Privacy Settings on Facebook~ Now that the digital environment is becoming more popular, learn about what privacy options are available to you on Facebook and the basics of how to modify them.
  • Kanopy: Streaming Films and Documentaries ~ *NEW* to the Wellesley Free Library: Kanopy is a streaming service that provides access to more than 26,000 films and documentaries from a variety of independent filmmakers and distributors, including the BBC, PBS and the Criterion Collection.
  • Medigap Report, Weiss Ratings ~ The Medicare Supplement Insurance planner saves you both time and money. You can build your own customized Medicare Supplement insurance planner where you get step-by-step guidance on how to select a Medigap insurance plan, which plans are right for you and which insurance company has the lowest rates.
  • Minuteman Library Network Mobile App ~ Never leave home without your library card again with the MLN Mobile App! This app, which is available for free in the App Store and Google Play, allows users to search for items in the Minuteman Library Network, put items on hold, and even manage your holds and checkouts.
  • Online Privacy: Using the Internet Safely ~ How do you know that you are safe on the Internet?  How can you keep yourself protected?  What are the threats?  This course outlines many of the steps that you can take to protect yourself and your information on the Internet.  Information to help outline the vulnerabilities and protect your computer and your information will also be reviewed.
  • Online Safety: Keeping Your Family Safe on the Internet ~ Do your children spend a lot of time on the Internet or connected devices?  Learn how to make sure they are as safe as possible by attending our two-part internet safety class for parents.  Part 1 covers ways to enable child locks, browser safety options, and other ways to secure your devices. Part 2 discusses ways to identify safe online games and activities, and will include suggestions and examples of secure games.
  • OverDrive: Free eBooks Through the Library ~ Did you know you can check out library books from the library for your Kindle, iPad or other device? In this hands-on workshop we’ll look at using OverDrive, the library’s tool for downloadable media. Bring your device or borrow a library iPad.
  • Password Management in the Digital Age ~ This class will introduce you to simple Apps and other techniques to help manage the flood of passwords that come with navigating life on the Internet.
  • Search the Catalog like a Pro! ~The Minuteman Library Network (MLN) databases connects users to items from 41 member libraries with 60 locations in the Metrowest region of Massachusetts. As a resident of Massachusetts, you are able to sign up for a library card and access the catalog.
  • Skype ~ Skype is a web-based tool used for video chats, phone calls and instant messaging.
  • Snapchat: Mobile Messaging and More! ~ Come and learn about one of the most popular social media platforms currently in use.  Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings.  We will look at what makes Snapchat unique – from filters to the ‘self-destruct’ feature for messages.
  • Streaming TV This class will introduce you to Streaming TV:  how it works, what you will need, and whether it will let you quit cable.  We will also discuss the pros and cons of different content providers’ bundles.
  • Travel Planning Online ~ Great research skills will help you be a better travel planner. In this session we will review structuring and refocusing web searches, identifying top travel tools and travel-specific sites, using library databases, and thinking about what additional information you’ll need.  We will also briefly discuss booking tools.
  • Twitter: Searching & More ~ Learn how to use Twitter, including common uses, best practices and Twitter terminology.
  • Using RSS Feeds on the Web ~ Do you read multiple websites per day? RSS allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from multiple websites into one platform. We will review RSS readers and how to use them effectively.
  • Wicked Wiki:  Wikipedia ~ Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world.  In this class we will look at what is Wikipedia, the do’s and don’ts for use, and how to edit/create pages in the Wikipedia community.