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Board of Trustees


Linshi Li brings a multicultural education background and expertise in product and service design to the WFL Board. She developed great interests in connecting humans and technology while pursuing three master’s degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language, Educational Technology and Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan. At work, her job is to create intuitive and delightful product interaction experiences, with a solid understanding of user’s knowledge, behaviors, and ecosystem. In addition to launching products, Linshi believes design professionals need to take on social responsibilities and advocate for accessibility, sustainability, and social impacts of design.

Linshi lives in Wellesley with her husband, three children and parents. As a design professional, a new immigrant, a full-time working parent of public school students, and a female Asian American, she is eager to contribute her perspectives, ideas, and human-centered approach to the future of WFL.

As we welcome Linshi to the Board, we thank Ann-Mara Lanza, who resigned from the Board to focus on her new responsibilities as a Select Board member. We are grateful for Ann-Mara’s service and immense contribution to the WFL, its branches and new outdoor garden at Fells.

Wellesley Free Library Board of Trustees

Board members:  First Row:  Ann-Mara Lanza; Ann Howley, Marla Robinson.  Second Row:  Maura Murphy, Diane Savage, Ann Rappaport

The Board of Trustees of the Wellesley Free Library is a six member board of local residents who are elected to three-year terms of office.  Each year, Wellesley townspeople vote to elect two Library Trustees to the Board.  Like other town boards, Trustees receive no payment for their volunteer services.  The Board of Trustees is authorized under Article 36 of the Town of Wellesley by-laws and in accordance with Chapter 78 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Trustees meet once a month at a posted open meeting.  Trustees deal with the general oversight of all library services and policies.  Through an ongoing planning process, they assess the Library’s needs and its role in town.  They establish policies and procedures for the Library that reflect the needs of the community and which are consistent with national standards set by the American Library Association.

Trustees work with the Library Director to prepare a budget that will provide services to the community in a fiscally responsible way.  Through the Director, they supervise library property and facilities that consist of a main library and two branches.

Community Report 2018

WFL Strategic Plan, 2014- 2018

To contact the Trustees please email:

Trustees of the Wellesley Free Libraries

Marla Robinson, Chair2022
Ann Howley, Vice Chair2022
Linshi Li2023
Ann Rappaport, Secretary2023
Maura Murphy2024
Diane Savage2024

Agendas and Minutes of the meetings of the Library Board of Trustees can now be viewed on the Town of Wellesley website, Agenda Center