Teen Fun & Games

Hoping to pick up a new skill, hobby, or language? Need some new games to play? Want to learn more about coding or robotics? Check out the resources below to start today!

Need to sew a button back on or want to learn new a craft? Checkout the libraries craft supplies, sewing books, and craft books! Also explore CreativeBug!

Craft Supplies

Sewing Books

Craft Books


Have you played all your video games or want to try out a new system?

Gaming Systems

Video Games

Always wanted to new learn a new instrument? Let the library help! Come check out an accordion, autoharp, electronic keyboard, acoustic guitar, or ukulele.


Music Books

Interested in learning a language? The library has a variety of materials to help you!


Language Books

Learn to cook: Whether you are heading off to college or have always had an interest, today is the perfect day to start. Try making some of your favorite takeout meals at home!

Cookbooks in the Library

Interested in photography, but don’t have a camera? Don’t Worry, the library has you covered!


Books about Photography

Do you have a huge blank wall in your home or perhaps a white sheet you can tack up to a wall? Itching to have a movie night or watch a new movie that just came out?



DVD Player


Are you interested in learning to code? Checkout these resources to help you get started!


Books on Coding

Looking for a new online game? Checkout the ones below.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Guides

League of Legends


Minecraft Guides

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Guides

Interested in writing? Check out these writing websites!




Words Alive!

Want to get some extra practice in a school course or take some courses in some subjects that interest you? Check out Khan Academy!

Khan Academy

Take some time and listen to some music! Maybe you will get inspired to write your own music!




Books on Writing Your Own Music