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Clubs for Teens at WFL

Browse our currently active teen clubs at the Wellesley Free Library. We hope to see you soon!
Teen Clubs

Young Adult Book Club
Time: To Be Determined!
Do you wish you had someone to commiserate with over the death of a favorite character, or the new movie adaptation of your favorite book? We do too! If you or your friends are interested in starting and maintaining a book club for Teens and young adults, please contact our Young Adult Services Librarian at mmozeleski@minlib.net !

Chess Club

Informal chess club for kids and teens. All levels welcome.
First Sunday of each month, from 1:00-3:00pm.

General Events

Life-Ready Basics: Workshop Series

At some point in your life, you’re going to be expected to know how to do things that nobody ever really taught you how to do. When will that be? Nobody can say for sure, but you won’t want to feel unprepared! We’ll teach you life-skills that you’ll need to know to be, like, a real adult.

On November 18th, learn about your finances! Money can be an intimidating topic, but we’ll make it easy and informative! We’ll be talking about saving, spending, and investing your money. We’ll also be learning about credit, giving you tips for staying out of credit card debt, and talking about student loans.. Visit our calendar here to see what is offered, and to register!

For more programs for teens at the library visit our events calendar!

Want to see an event offered that isn’t on our calendar? Want to lead an event with the library’s help? Please contact our Young Adult Services Librarian at mmozeleski@minlib.net !