NAO Robots

NAO Robots are at Wellesley Free Library!

See them dance in the third session of the Robot Dance Contest:

NAO robots bring digital literacy to life! They are hi-tech ambassadors that welcome everyone to explore the world of STEM by encouraging curiosity, excitement and a passion for figuring out how, why and what if!

The purchase of these unique technology teaching tools was made possible through a generous grant from the Wellesley Free Library Foundation with the funds raised at the 2016 Gala.

They work when you program them. Robots can be programmed with Choregraphe - an easy to learn software application that allows anyone to create complex behaviors without writing a single line of code.

Mila Pantelides-Sola wrote a program for our NAO robots, and she's only in second grade! In her program, the robot waits until its head is patted to tell a knock-knock joke. Then it listens for your response. If you play along and ask "who's there," it will finish the joke and ask if you want to play again. If you do not play along, it won't hide the fact that it can't believe you don't know how knock-knock jokes work! The program loops through this sequence until you say you don't want to play anymore. When you're done, the robot thanks you for spending time with it.

Easy! You can sign up by visiting our events calendar and clicking on the hand symbol next to the class you want to attend. Or, you can always call the library and speak with a librarian.

You will still have an opportunity to interact with the robots during the library's Meet the Robots demonstrations. Please check the events calendar for details. #privatesupportmatters

You can download it right here.

Click on the MAC or PC link. Google Drive will open. Download. When download is complete, start the Install process. Click OK and Install process will continue to completion.