The library will be closed on Saturday May 25th, Sunday May 26th, and Monday May 27th.

Rules of Conduct Policy

The Wellesley Free Library believes all patrons have the right to use library services and materials safely and freely, in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  With this right comes responsibility for conduct that respects the staff, the rights of other library patrons, and the library’s materials, equipment, facilities and grounds. Nothing in this policy should be construed as impinging on a citizen’s right to free speech, peaceable assembly, or right to petition the Government for redress of grievances. The Rules of Conduct may be superseded or amended as necessary.

  • All patrons have the right to study, read, or work with limited interference in a reasonable environment.
  • The entire second floor is designated as a quiet study and research area with the following exceptions:
  • High School Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms

The Large Print & Periodicals Room on the first floor is also designated for quiet study and research. Please respect this.

  • Cellular phones should not disrupt other patrons.  Cell phone users may be asked by staff to move to a more appropriate location for conversation.
  • For their safety, children under age 8 must be supervised by a parent or caregiver who stays with them at all times.  The parent or caregiver is responsible for ensuring that their children’s behavior complies with Library Rules of Conduct.
  • Snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Commons. Covered beverages are allowed in designated areas. Food and beverage rules for Meeting and Conference Rooms vary by room. Please refer to specific room policies.
  • Other than certified service animals, animals are not allowed in the Library.
  • Patrons are urged to be respectful of staff time to allow staff to help all patrons. 
  • Activities disruptive to the Library, its staff and/or its patrons are not allowed.
  • Library materials must be checked out before being removed from library premises.
  • Patrons shall not damage or deface Library property or materials.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn by all.
  • Bicycling, skateboarding, or roller-blading on Library property is not allowed.
  • Furniture should be used only as intended.
  • The Library is not responsible for personal property left unattended. 
  • No commercial or unapproved solicitation is permitted on Library property.
  • There is no smoking allowed inside the Library, including the use of e-cigarettes and marijuana.
  • Possession of firearms and/or dangerous weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers) is prohibited.
  • Being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol; selling, using, or possessing illegal drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited.
  • Conduct that violates federal, state, local law or mandates or Library policy is prohibited and may be cause for removal from the premises.

Notwithstanding the above, this policy may be subject to exception at the discretion of the director and/or board of library trustees.

Approved 10/18/2021 by the WFL Board of Trustees