The library will be closed on Wednesday, March 6th from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm for staff training.

Food & Beverage Policy


For the comfort of our patrons, the Wellesley Free Library allows snack/individual portions of food in designated areas of the library. These spaces are the main level Commons Area and approved Meeting Rooms.

Examples of appropriate foods include small bags of pretzels, granola bars, string cheese, apples, or small containers of yogurt. Patrons may not consume hot, aromatic, or potentially messy items (pizza, burgers, and salads) in the library.

Covered beverages are allowed in all areas.

Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves, and to notify staff if there is a spill that needs attention.
Library staff does not oversee food for potential allergens, such as nuts or dairy. Those with severe allergies should be aware that allergens may be present in the Library.


Notwithstanding the above, this policy may be subject to exception at the discretion of the Director and/or Board of Library Trustees.

Revised and approved 10/23/2023 by the WFL Board of Trustees.