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Photography and Video Recording Policy


At the Wellesley Free Library, our top priority is providing library services to the community. Generally, libraries are subject to similar photography rules associated with other public buildings, sidewalks, or public parks, meaning that few restrictions may be placed on a photographer who wishes to take photos or video in open, public areas of a facility. However, the Library has the right to impose certain time, place, or manner restrictions for safety reasons and to enable continuous library operations.

Visitors may take casual photographs or video recordings in the library. The use of additional equipment – such as tripods or lighting – are not permitted because of safety, liability, and other issues unless previously authorized by library staff. Library staff may halt any photography or video recording that appears to interfere with the Library’s ability to conduct business, or that compromises public safety or security.

The following activities are expressly prohibited at the WFL:

  • Disturbing other library users (e.g., by using tripods or flash photography);
  • Photographing and filming in staff-only areas without consent by library staff;
  • Interrupting or interfering with activities and events occurring at the library (e.g., book club meetings or story times);
  • Taking photos/video of specific, copyrighted (or otherwise protected) materials for the purpose of redistribution.


Photographing, filming, or making audio recordings of members of the public (without their consent or consent of a parent/guardian) or of public programs (unless permission has been granted in advance by library staff) is strongly discouraged.

Notwithstanding the above, this policy may be subject to exception at the discretion of the director and/or board of library trustees.

Approved 10/23/2023 by the WFL Board of Trustees