Posting Notices & Promotional Material Policy


In keeping with its mission and vision, the Wellesley Free Library (WFL) provides dedicated space within the Library for posting community informational material. The Board of Library Trustees has established the following criteria for public postings:

  • Priority is given to postings of materials from the Wellesley Free Library, the Friends of the Wellesley Free Library, the Wellesley Free Library Foundation and the Town of Wellesley.
  • The Library will provide space, when and if available, to inform the public of educational, cultural, non-profit and civic events of a general, informative, non-partisan nature.
  • The Library will permit posting of the following promotional material (in priority order) based on space:
    • Library programs, information and activities
    • Wellesley Public School and Town programs and information
    • Wellesley not-for-profit programs and information
    • Local not-for-profit activities and information
  • All non-Library postings are subject to the approval of the WFL. The Library reserves the right to restrict the size, number, location and duration of promotional materials. 
  • The WFL Administrative Assistant will review and date all items prior to posting. Undated notices, past date notices, as well as notices posted or left on tables without prior authorization will be removed by Library staff.
  • Posting of material does not constitute the implied or express endorsement of their content by the WFL.
  • The WFL does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in such materials.


Notwithstanding the above, this policy may be subject to exception at the discretion of the director and/or board of library trustees.

Approved 7/13/2020 by the WFL Board of Trustees